We have worked with over 800 NHS staff so far, and in 2024 are expanding the retreat programme to social-care workers and teachers. 

“You have to learn how to look after yourself to look after others. So the retreat embodied mental health, nutrition, learning how to sleep better, learning how to recognise stress and the needs of our colleagues. And learning to not feel guilty about knowing you have to look after yourself. We are in jobs in which it is our role to look after other people and you can’t do that unless you feel well in yourself. It’s just not possible.” 

Maria Crowley,  ITU Matron Darent Valley Hospital 

“The most rewarding team away day for self-reflection, team reflection and self-care.” Participant

“I will actively promote/ advocate – this is an excellent retreat. It has been an absolute privilege to be part of it.”  

Charlotte Gibson, Maidstone Hospital 

“I would just like to extend my gratitude to all of you guys for the retreat day, it was a really good day and I thoroughly enjoyed it, the food was unreal, the cake in particular was awesome, the location was gorgeous, the staff were so kind, they listened and they were honestly just lovely. Everyone involved in the day was amazing and it was nice to be looked after. I can’t thank you enough.” 

Laura Rose Burns, Trainee Nursing associate. Darent Valley Hospital 

“Amazing, I honestly can’t believe how much I enjoyed the day.” Participant

“I found it both enjoyable, humbling and emotional in equal measure.  I think the team definitely understand each other more and personally it gave me great insight into what members of my team are going through.  I knew some of it already, but without the emotion that came with it, which showed me how much people are carrying and how much effort it must be taking some people to show up and particularly when the team is so lean. I will definitely be recommending it to others for the future.” 

Andrea Vigille, Associate Director Culture, Inclusion and Engagement Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust

“An excellent way of actually building true resilience and improving our mental health in these challenging times.” 

Dr Chet Trivedy, Brighton and Sussex University Hospital 

“I’m a highly stressed person in work and home life and I feel like I’m leaving a different person.” Participant

“Retreats of this nature are needed more than ever. They should become a recommendation for all Healthcare workers and highly promoted in maintaining our wellbeing.” 

Angela Graham, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

“Very positive. Not something I would normally have gone to but with so many learning points I would strongly advise and encourage other members of staff to take part. Thanks for all the thoughts and efforts you made to make it a perfect day” 


About the Forest Bathing session

“Amazing and surprising experience”

“It was the most relaxed I felt in maybe about three years.”

“A powerful experience of using my senses to connect with nature felt connected and part of something much larger than myself”

“Brilliant, relaxing, amazing experience.”

“Grateful for the experience of being in contact with nature”

“I never thought I’d hug tree but it has been the best hug I’ve had in years’

About the Mind- Body practices

“Life changing, I felt so calm and relaxed and now want to make it part of my routine”

“It’s one-of-a-kind experience – good method of becoming aware of my whole self.”

“A valuable toolkit to enhance resilience and coping mechanisms.”

“Brilliant tools to take home and to try at work.”

“A great new tool I will take and use in the future to relax and destress.”

“Very helpful and will continue to use these.”

About the Reflection sessions

“Humbling, inspiring and made me feel like I’m not alone. I find it therapeutic to be able to share experiences and find common ground. “

“Having conversation with others made me understand and connect to them. “

“Initially I felt apprehensive but it was cathartic.”

“Very therapeutic to talk but I also really enjoyed listening to others.” 

“A relief in hearing and sharing our stories and being vulnerable with others. “

“It allowed me to share myself with colleagues in a different way.”

“Hard to do but extremely worthwhile “